Dream Team

Did we hear Dream Team? We’re OK with that!

Here at Xtreme we are focused on community and creating something bigger than ourselves. Meet the team whose heart and passion will drive this sport to the top and who want you to be there each step of the way!

John Lane

CEO & Inventor/Owner

Being a proprietor of other businesses has led me to this opportunity. I have always had a passion for extreme sports and won rough terrain, bike-racing events in my youth. My drive to research and engineer the ice blade was to support my son, Brad’s street skating. I perfected the design and performance standards through extensive testing. I channeled my drive, commitment, and competitive spirit from my experience as an athlete. I wanted to instill these values in my son and it was a great project for us to work on together. Because I enjoy a challenge, I was able to put my time and energy into developing this exciting new challenge. It is my hope that its user will invent a new Xtreme sport.


Brad Lane

Product Tester

I have skated for the last 15 years. I have competed professionally as an amateur. I currently skate out of Pharmacy in Southern California. I developed skills on the ice using what I learned on a skateboard. I like the challenge skating on ice brings after skating on asphalt. It’s a new experience that will re-energize the sport and inspire a new generation of skaters.


Terra Lemieux

General Manager

I was first introduced to the ice blade through my brother, John, who skated and competed back in the late 80’s. With 10 years experience developing business plans, securing financing, and improving business strategy he knew I had the business expertise to help push this product into the market place. I grew up watching my brothers and friends skate, so naturally I wanted to be apart of this opportunity which inspires me with the potential to breath new life into skateboarding.


Megan Soli

Creative Director/ Team Leader

My amazing sister Terra recruited me to design some t-shirts in 2015 and I was introduced to Xtreme Ice Blades. I immediately accepted. I can skate. I’ve bombed Pine Street in First Hill many times in the quite hours of the early morning and I remember it like yesterday. Thousands of tricks achieved on the streets have an opportunity to have a first skater land them on the ice. I believe in Xtreme Ice Blades and I am creatively invested in it.  I am thrilled to be a part of this team. I support Xtreme Ice Blades to evolve a new ride from a classic one.