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Please feel free to email us at info@xtremeiceblade.com.

What about injuries from the blades hitting my body?

Skateboarding is a dangerous sport and injuries do occur. Skaters who use Xtreme Ice Blades tell us that getting smacked in the leg by the blade side of the board is no different than being smacked by the wheel side. The blades are very dull.

I live in a warm climate, where can I use Xtreme Ice Blades?

In warm weather, you can switch out your wheels for the blades at your local ice rink. Most rinks will set aside time for free skate.

What if I want to return them?

If you want to return or exchange anything you bought from us, NO PROBLEM! Email your return request to info@xtremeiceblade.com.

You have 30 days from the date of purchase to make sure what you ordered from Xtreme Ice Blade is right for you. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return your order for a refund, store credit, or exchange it for the right type/color. Your choice. We will return/refund the full amount you paid less the shipping.

Since we will be reselling what you returned, the product needs to be new and with the original pieces and packaging. You are responsible for return shipping.

What is included in an Xtreme Ice Blade kit?

4 blades and 8 bearing housings come in a kit. Wheels are the only parts coming off and are easily changed out. No additional parts are needed.

Can I order parts rather than a full kit?

Yes, in the Xtreme case that you need a replacement part, you can order what you need from us by emailing info@xtremeiceblade.com.