The Ice Skate Blades

Are you a skateboarder or snowboarder limited on when and where to ride and perform tricks? Become a part of the new extreme sport and try Xtreme Skateboarding on Ice. Extreme Ice Blades crafts blades for skateboarding from lightweight, high grade, aircraft aluminum, designed to last while not weighing you down. These ice blades combine the gliding and maneuvering of a snowboard with the same trick capabilities of a skateboard. The ice blades are duller than a butter knife and can be used on many surfaces such as synthetic ice, ice rinks, frozen lakes, ponds and streets! Try your skateboard on ice today!

How it Works

Time To Board

Do you have a skateboard? Then you are good to go. Skateboarding on ice does not require a specialty deck or any modifications. Grab your favorite deck, swap out your skateboard blading wheels for a set of ice blades, and get ready to carve some ice with extreme skateboarding!

Truck Yeah!

What about the trucks? Check this out. These aluminum ice blades were designed specifically to fit your skateboard so you can go from pavement to ice in no time! If you have a deck and trucks then your new blades for skateboarding are truly just a quick swap-out away. The skateboard ice blades are machined to fit the bearings and washers used on your current set of wheels. I know, it is too easy!

Shoe Game

Alright, so maybe there is something special you need to buy, but it is not shoes. Even though you will be skateboarding on ice, I know what you are thinking – It is going to be slick. The ice will be rough from the ice skateboarding action so you will still have the traction you need to push off and keep your grip on the deck.

Don’t Wait any Longer

If you are looking for the next extreme sport to own, carve the way with others who are already killing it with Xtreme Skateboarding on Ice! Order your skateboarding ice blades today!

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